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B. How your hair is so amazing?”

Let me be honest a lot of people i know in the northern part of the world do not have good hair. (Sorry if you do live in the north and have great hair).

When I was born, my hair was quite thick and a nice colour, but I must admit being a hairdresser’s daughter, I used to hate to comb my hair!  

Well, after I moved to Switzerland, my hair was fine, but nothing special, as you can see it on the picture over here. Let’s say I had hair, but I wasn’t thick or had any volume to it.

Then, right before I met my husband, I started to lose my hair. It was due to the water or something, but most of my hair was falling out. Let’s be honest, this was quite scary. I was 100% sure that there was something wrong with me, till I told my friend about it and she said she had exactly same problem when she moved to that village…

Then, slowly, my hair stopped falling out and everything was fine.
Definitely one thing which made my hair grow like Crazy! - Is Indian food. (Wonder why Indians have so much hair? It’s their food and spices.) Yes, I am a white woman who comes from the country where we call Salt & Pepper spices, but I can eat very spicy food. Lots of Indians like to compete with me on this. It’s like we Estonias like to test how much alcohol someone can drink – the more you drink the stronger you are ( haha how ridiculous).

So, one thing is sure, after eating all the good spices (i.e. turmeric, red chilli powder, cumin, jeera, and lot more), my hair started to grow and shine like Wow!  But, of course, one thing is how you take care of your hair inside with the vitamins. The other thing, is how you take care of it on the outside.

Since my hair is quite long, it is pretty difficult to comb after a shower when I do not use any product for it. Before finding this amazing product I am going to introduce you to, I used just normal sprays that you can buy from any shops &, yes, they did their “Job” as well as any other product... But definitely nothing special

Then, we were at the Geneva Charity Ball and, after the Ball, we were given goody bags and inside of the Goody Bag there was “Wella SP – The Lux Oil.” Once again, it was just sitting at home for a long time, since I am not very fast at using new things.

And then, one day, I didn’t have a product for my hair to help comb it more easily, so I decided to open it!

Since that day, I do not use anything else for my hair other than
“Wella SP Lux Oil”. It`s the best thing you could ever buy for your hair and it’s the best you can do for yourself and hair.

My Nordic blond hair is shining like a diamond! :D


So here is the secret of my Blond hair! ;)  You can order it on Amazon




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