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B O U D O I R   P H O T O G R A P Y 

Every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel special. You are no different. A boudoir photography session is a unique opportunity for you to empower yourself, boost your confidence, embrace your beauty and feel sensual.


Boudoir photography is about taking intimate, romantic and sexy photographs in a tasteful and elegant way, for private use. It’s a fabulous way of celebrating your beauty and your femininity.


Whether you would like to treat yourself, or be photographed for your fiancé, partner or husband, I am here to make you feel extra special. I offer a wide range of tailored boudoir photography packages designed to capture your inner and outer beauty. A boudoir photo shoot also makes a fabulous exclusive gift for a friend, partner, or bride-to-be.


A boudoir photo shoot is something very intimate and I am here to make you feel comfortable. Everything is done to respect your privacy. Every boudoir session is a woman-only zone. My team is exclusively female, from my hair stylist to my make-up artist and assistant. Our objective is to make you feel special, help you relax and pamper you so that you can enjoy the session and have fun. I do all my own retouching, editing and post-production work to ensure that your privacy is respected at all times.


With Love, 


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W E D D I N G  B O U D O IR  
P H O T O  S E S S I O N

A fantastic gift for all Brides to be (and their husbands!). Get pampered with a break from all the wedding planning.

Wedding Boudoir Photoshoot is probably the hottest way to say to your husband "I love you".


While a great reason behind the desire for a boudoir shoot can be the celebration of looking the most beautiful you've ever been, more importantly, and even more memorably, is the documentation of the most beautiful you've ever felt. 


Ms.B Lifestyle offers an exclusive photoshoot for Wedding Boudoir photoshoot. Photoshoot can taken place in our studio, at bride's home or hotel. (Please contact for more information) 


The Wedding Boudoir Photoshoot offers 3H photoshoot with makeup and hair stylist, Champagne and Macaroons. Plus one very exclusive Gift from Ms.B Lifestyle. 


After the photo shoot we will have a look at the photos which were taken and 30-40 photos of them will go for a retouch. 

After the retouch we will make a photo book which we can be customized: Text, Colours and etc. 


Since for Ms.B Lifestyle focuses on personal aspective, we would like to know you before the photoshoot. As knowing person helps us to give the personal touch in your photos.

G O L D E N  B O U D O I R 

P H O T O  S E S S I O N 

Golden Boudoir Is the most exclusive Photoshoot Ms.B Lifestyle Offers. Golden Boudoir Photoshoot is for a women who needs a little "spice" in her life.  The Golden Boudoir Photoshoot offers exclusive 3 H Photoshoot with personal Stylist. This Package offers exclusive way for women to feel more beautiful than ever. 

Our Makeup arist will give a small course how to bring out the best in you while doing the makeup. Our Stylist will consult you in terms of what kind of lingerie to wear and what kind of outfits to wear when and where. 

Golden Boudoir includes Hair and Makeup, Photoshoot in our studio or hotel. Consultation from our Stylist. Beautiful Lingerie for you.

During the photoshoot Ms.B lifestyle pampers you with good Champagne and delicious Macaroons. 


After the photoshoot we will take time together to see which kind of photos we would like to have for our photobook and how to design it.  It also includes 10 (10x15) photo printouts. 

 Before the photoshoot we would like to meet our "Model" to get to know more about her. This helps us to deliver the real "You" on the photos and will make us more comfortable.


All the photos which will be take are for Client, non of the photos will be used withour Cilent`s permission.

S I L V E R  B O U D O I R

P H O T O  S E S S I O N

Silver Boudoir Photo Session Includes 2 Hours Photo session. Your boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to experience the very best in professional makeup and sexy bed-head hair styling. Because this is such an intimate investment and you want to look and feel your most beautiful, professional hair and make-up is highly recommended and a fun way to pamper yourself before the shoot.  

Before the session we will discuss which kind of lingerie and outfits will be the most suitable for you.

Photosession will be taken place in our studio or at your own home. 

After the photosession we will choose together 20 photos which will go for retouch and will be added it into your personal  "Boudoir Book." 

MS.B  L I F E S T Y L E  P H O T O G R A P H Y
Boudoir photo session pricing guide

W E D D I N G  B O U D O I R  


3 hours photo session // Make up Artist

30 - 40 Retouched Photos// Champagne & Macaroons 

Photo Book // USB Key 

Special Gift from Ms.B Lifestyle 

1200 CHF

G O L D E N  B O U D O I R


3 hours photo session // Personal Stylist 

Make up artist // Lingerie Gift 

Champagne & Macaroons // 30-40 Retouched Photos

Photo Book // USB Key 

1800 CHF

S I L V E R  B O U D O I R
2 hours photo session // Make Up Artist 
20 photos retouched // USB Key
800 CHF
F O L L O W  B L O G

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