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Golden Boudoir


Golden Boudoir Is the most exclusive Photoshoot Ms.B Lifestyle Offers. Golden Boudoir Photoshoot is for a women who needs a little "spice" in her life.  The Golden Boudoir Photoshoot offers exclusive 3 H Photoshoot with personal Stylist. This Package offers exclusive way for women to feel more beautiful than ever. 

Our Makeup arist will give a small course how to bring out the best in you while doing the makeup. Our Stylist will consult you in terms of what kind of lingerie to wear and what kind of outfits to wear when and where. 

Golden Boudoir includes Hair and Makeup, Photoshoot in our studio or hotel. Consultation from our Stylist. Beautiful Lingerie for you.

During the photoshoot Ms.B lifestyle pampers you with good Champagne and delicious Macaroons. 


After the photoshoot we will take time together to see which kind of photos we would like to have for our photobook and how to design it.  It also includes 10 (10x15) photo printouts. 

 Before the photoshoot we would like to meet our "Model" to get to know more about her. This helps us to deliver the real "You" on the photos and will make us more comfortable.


All the photos which will be take are for Client, non of the photos will be used withour Cilent`s permission.



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