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When my husband brought me a gift & it made me upset

(You must read this hilarious story)

This is probably one of the most hilarious things to happened to me recently. You’re probably thinking what kind of woman would not like to get gifts… But let’s get to the story & hopefully you will have a great laugh! J

I guess it was in the beginning of September when it happened. My husband is the kindest soul on this earth and he always thinks about other people before himself. Before we got married, I made a deal with my husband that whatever we buy we should discuss with each other beforehand. And to be honest, I am not a woman who needs gifts all the time. My gift is my husband and today my little boy and “things “ are secondary for me.

Anyway, on that day, he texted me after he bought me the gift, to say “Please do not get mad, I bought you something…” I was like, ok .. Well, during my pregnancy, I was so Zen that it was quite hard to get me mad... But, when he arrived at home with the “gift,” he really managed to get me angry! Haha

He had bought me a set of body scrub and cream for 180.-CHF !


I said, “Dear Husband, who sold you this crap & for this kind of money?”


And he told me the story of how a lady stopped him on the street and showed him how good they are, etc. I said, “Dear Husband, you are Sales guy yourself… Don`t you understand that they will find people like you and sell you all kinds of crap because you are the one who doesn’t know how to walk away? And did I ever said that I want this kind of gift?”  ( Oh, my poor husband, he had to listen this for an hour!)


I never use any creams and such. Because I am a blogger, so many companies send their stuff to me to test, so far I still haven’t find something I would really use every day and be happy with… I have my products that I love and usually stick to it.

Well then, there they were Seal body scrub & cream. I asked him to return it and, told him if he really wanted to give me a gift, then, with the money, he could get me some of the Chanel Perfume.

Due to having the baby and being busy, the body scrub & cream sat at home. Eventually, there was no point in returning it.

But now comes the hilarious part! 


My mom came over and we were just talking and I told her about how my husband buys me expensive gifts which I do not need, etc. But since I still had the products, we decided to go ahead and give it a try.

So we opened it up &, first, the perfume of these creams is outstanding.
Scrubbed my hand for about 3-5 minutes and then it was time to wash it off…


"DAMN! DAMN! DAMN! It was so amazing, my hands were like new and soft as a baby! This scrub is amazing. I couldn’t believe it" 

The softness, scent, silkiness and so much more! I mean I was blown away and the cream on top of it makes your hands like the softest ever!

So there we were, my mom and I, both blown away about how amazing just some scrub & cream actually can be.

Then I had to make a call to my husband and tell him that this “not wanted gift” is one of the best gifts ever! 

Now I am absolutely addicted to it. Every time we have friends over, I tell them the story and then also let them to be part of my little “Spa” experience and they are blown away as well.

If you ask me if I would buy this product again for 180 CHF ( Which is quite expensive) I would say, without a doubt, I would because it makes your day shine! 

Unfortunately, they do not have an online store to buy it or anything like this, but, for all the other Geneva people who are looking for some gift ideas, you will find them in old town ( Aesop Geneva - Rue de la Fontaine 15, 1204 Genève) and they even have a small spa there! 

And, if you would like to try it out before you buy it and still do not believe me, then come and visit me! ;) I will be happy to have a small “Spa Hour.” 

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