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High-quality product photography can boost your online sales. Whether you want to showcase your product on a flyer or display it in your online store, we can help you achieve superb photos of your products.

Photography is a powerful element on your website that must engage your audience

Ms.B Lifestyle specializes in shooting Product Photography for Fashion & Apparel, Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry, Beauty, Home, and Luxury Consumer Products.

Quality images expand your online presence, help to build a customer's trust, and drive sales.

Jewellery photography requires more attention to detail due the intricacy and complexity of the pieces being photographed. The keys to good jewellery photography are sharpness, lighting, exposure, and adding some sparkle, for gemstones. Our photographers will place jewellery items on a crisp white background with your choice of natural reflection or drop shadow.

More than any other purchase, jewellery has to connect with people emotionally. That’s why it’s so important to have high quality images to showcase your designs.

P L A N N I N G  T O  S T A R T  Y O U R  O N L I N E  B U S I N E S S? 

You are planning to start a  online business! Or even better you have your website, products and Business plan ready. But you`re missing the visual part?


You may sell jewelries, Fashion accessories, a product, or some combination of both. You believe in your offering and are ready to share it with the world. Now the question is: how to make your brand more visible?

Let`s face it - it is quite difficult to sell online when you do not have product photos, lifestyle photos and great brand imago.

Our studio is designed to handle all your product photography needs. Using lighting, color, and perfect product placement, our skilled product photographers create images that accurately represent your products 

W H A T   A R E  T H E  N E X T  S T E P S?

Ms.B Lifestyle  won’t charge you outrageous prices on your product photography. We provide you high quality photographs, great customer service & relaxed atmosphere.

We also charge simple product photography by the image, helping you to gain value for your project and plan your budget in advance. 

We offer different pricing in terms of Studio Photoshoots & home coming photoshoots.

Please have a look at the following price list and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements.

50% non refundable deposit paid before photo shoot to reserve date/s which can be moved if necessary


Each garment is photographed with a model of your choosing.

Images are taken on a white background, showing front side, back side, and detailed views.

Photography fees start at 35 CHF to 50 CHFper garment, and includes garment prep and styling and uploading to a Dropbox shared folder.

400 CHF Setup fee for jobs of 50 products or less.

Hair and make up styling is extra.

Model fees are billed as full or half day rates.

Our clients are always welcome on set, but if you are not present, we follow your detailed notes to achieve the right look.

F  O L L O W   B L O G

Would you like to get tips & tricks how to bring your business to another level, please follow Ms.B Lifestyle Branding/Marketing Blog - where will you find lots of inspiration and our previous work & inspiration.

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Skincare Product Photography Geneva, Swi
Skincare Product Photography, Geneva Swi
Journal Product Photography, Geneva, Swi
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Skincare Product Photography Geneva
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Home design Decor Product Photography
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Aviendo Natural Creams Photography
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
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Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
Skincare product photography Geneva
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
Skincare Product Photography in Genf
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
Ms.B Lifestyle Product Photogprahy
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