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MoonStone Jewelry -
Oh How gorgeous!

Once again, I do not do many collaborations with brands who would like me to promote their things just for promotion’s sake. I need to believe and love the product before I will even consider talking about it. 


And the reason is very simple, I do not think we (as bloggers) should write and promote every free piece you get from somewhere. Since I have my own business where I help bloggers to find their identity, help brands to become more visible, and a lot more, I know how much hard work it is and results are not easy to come by.


But, one day, Moonstone Jewelry got in touch with me… First, I had a look at their website (which is very well built and good-looking). Second, I took some time to look at their pieces and what they are offering.

After couple of emails, I decided that I will give this brand a chance.

Yes! I received the package about week later and, as soon as I opened it, I fell in love with the ring. And I need to add here that the only rings which I am wearing so far are my engagement ring, my grandmother’s, ring and mother’s ring. So, let’s be honest, I do not wear any commercial fashion rings…

But now, if you look at my Instagram account, you will probably notice me in lots of pictures wearing this ring… It is just so gorgeous and I get so any compliments from people.

So, today, I am so glad that I took this opportunity to work together with Moonstone Jewellery. Look at those earrings and the ring - absolutely outstanding and with such a great price.

Worldwide & FREE shipping for orders over $50!
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