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All I want for Chrismas is



Oh, it is that time of a year again! It’s Christmas and all the other holidays & I am sure you are struggling with, what to give as a gift again.

The list here is just out of my experience over this year and something I would be happy to have. And maybe you will find good ideas as well. It’s a Win-Win Situation for everyone!

(please note that each of the product, service I recommend is based on my experience & are not paid ads.

Post contains affiliate links. If you buy some of the products, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Affiliate sales help run the blog without ads. But all the recommendations are based on my experience.)


Yes, I know I know... How easy it is to walk into a big store and get anything you need there. Save time, get better discounts and a lot more. But... Now think? If we support local businesses, we give work and happiness to those who are smaller and shouldn’t we protect the smaller ones?
So go to the Christmas Markets, check out what your local entrepreneurs are offering and doing and support them. You might get a better surprise than you ever expected & your Christmas might be a lot more special than ever before.


Here are some “Geneva Womenpreneurs” I recommend:

Lanxel Candles

Yes I know… Candles or mugs as a Christmas present are not very original. But Laxel Candles are amazing and definitely made with love.
First the aroma of these candles is just amazing. I need to tell you that if you are going to have fondue or raclette over this winter season, then Lanxel Candles will help you to get rid of the cheese smell so fast, as the candles have both a strong and smooth perfume, which will make your home wonderful again.
Another thing, which I didn’t know, you can use the wax to do a massage with as well. I still haven`t tried it, but you can definitely find out more information over here:

Ms.B Christas Present List
Christmas Present Candle Lanxel

If you would like to dress up beautifully for your Christmas Party or New Year’s eve Party, I recommend MonaLisalu 

Absolutely wonderful clothing and beautiful brand.

Photos Credits  to MonaLisalu Brand & Photographer @danilomoroni_ph 

And third one  (I know it is not the right season for it) But I am sure you all have heard that Bees are dying out and no one knows the reason…

 Well if you would like to protect our bees and nature, then here is a great idea from SeedBall 
They have different seeds which will grow easily and help bees to pollinate the flowers and this will protect our nature.

I recommend ordering it. Since I do not have a garden, I got myself the herb seeds – what is better than fresh basil and a lot more. (Hopefully, they will work out, since I suck at planting and taking care of plants.)

This is probably for men. Do you not know what to get for your girlfriend or wife?
Then I have to tell you that jewellery is always a good idea. (Read more about Moonstone Jewelry here)


But this is definitely not only for men! Daughters, mothers, girlfriends … Moonstone Jewelry will make your person smile! 


For Geneva people I recommend a day at the Bains Bleu Spa & buy Hammam Magicien Package 


I think one of the best gifts ever is to spend a day at the spa with nice massages to relax yourself and, at the same time, stay away from your mobile device and enjoy the day for yourself.
So, why not to treat your loved ones to a great Spa Voucher and let them enjoy the day for themselves. I am sure you will find many great offers in your town (add tripadvisor link)

But, for the Geneva people, I recommend Le Bain Bleu & take the any of the packages they offer & enjoy
We did this last year, the day before our marriage, and, in fact, it was the best way to end the single life and get ready for a married life! Me and my husband had such a beautiful day at the spa and we were so relaxed that we were ready to step into our new chapter.

Bains Bleu Geneva Christmas Gift
Bains Bleu Genea Christmas Gift

Books, Theatre or Concert tickets

If you know your person well, then I recommend getting a book she/he will like. There is nothing better than some motivational book or …

Last year, I bought #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. (ORDER IT HERE                                 ) It made me work harder than ever before.

Also, going to the theatre or a concert is a great way of getting inspiration for your brain when you have had a long year and you need to relax. Look around at what is happening in your town and have a great time.

Since tastes in music, play, or books is very individual for your person, I will let you pick all that for yourself.

#GirlBoss Book Christmas Preset

Filippo Loreti Watch

I mean, no kidding, but this is the perfect gift for someone who loves watches and luxury watches.  Filippo Loreti is a high quality luxury brand that has democratized the luxury timepiece industry. Each piece is unique and delivered to you.

And the best part of it is the price. You will get a beautiful luxury watch from 199$ , which is handmade and unique. Do you believe this offer? 

So, you can guess 3 times who is going to have this watch… 



Photography Voucher

As a photographer, I can tell you that there is no better gift than a memory of all the family. Times goes by, but memories as pictures will stay. Having beautiful photos taken by a photographer is one of the best memories you can have.


All of you in one photo and you can use it to send cards to your family/friends or have a nice collage on your wall.

That`s why I decided to offer a special Photography voucher for this Christmas.

1 Hour Photoshoot with 15 edited photos and print outs as 10x15 for 225 CHF .

An extra bonus is that photoshoots can be either at your home, outdoors, or in my studio)

And last, but not least – TIME

Time is the most important gift we can give to someone. It is the most valuable, yet priceless, gift. You can’t buy time, you can’t go back in time, and you can’t go on time. You can live in the moment and enjoy the moment the most.
That’s why when you are going crazy from buying all these gifts and running around in the shops, maybe, instead, you invite your grandmother or father for a dinner and ask how was their year.

Or organize a small get-together where you get to see your close friends or family..

Time is more powerful than you are, do not waste it! ;)

Happy  Holidays

Thank you for reading it

Aaaand if you like sweets & cakes, but you are worried about your weight – then Le Smartcake is the right choice for you! Gluten, Lactose Free and low calories, but extremely delicious. Find out more about them here!

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