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Who is ready for the Black Friday?

Here's what you need to know to survive Black Friday shopping this season...

Yes, Black Friday is going to be THIS FRIDAY & while we know it is extremely popular in the US and UK, then now it is also here in SWITZERLAND ! What a great way to spend your Friday - Shopping, great deals and fun!

But Today, I would like to give you a piece of advice on how to recognize the best deals and where to get them! As I have heard many times how some of you have said that here in Switzerland the deals are not the same as in UK or US... Maybe it was like this before but now Swiss Black Friday is offering you a guaranteed sales and great offers.


Make yourself a list of things you would like to buy before the Black Friday

As overwhelming as the word SALES and Black Friday Sounds - having a great plan and idea of what you would like to buy will save you even more money. Well this one sounds easy to do . So something which I just discovered recently here in Switzerland was a Swiss Black Friday website - CLICK HERE - Sing up for their newsletter and you will be the first one to receive the best deals in Switzerland.


Have an early morning and act fast

Well, the truth is that the best deals are gone within seconds or minutes. So if you have been thinking of buying a new camera ( to make your blog or vlog better if you happen to be a blogger ) or you have been dreaming of having some new handbag or something else. Then the best deals you will get is in the morning. So do not sleep in on Friday morning - get up early and get your deal before they are gone.


What a great idea of getting off the Christmas present stress!

Here is something I need to admit. Each year I am buying my Christmas present at the last minute. Do you? :) Well, this year I decided the best thing I can do is to buy it now when deals are on and get all the gifts I need! I just don't know why I never thought about it before...


Really make sure that you will be safe with your online payments and scams.

It is well known that during the Black Friday many sites come up which are not real and can steal your credit card details. So here again, do your research before - where and when you are going to buy. So that`s why signing up for Swiss Black Friday list will help you to make sure that all your details are safe and deals are great. ( sorry Excellent)

Source from here : "Hundreds of malicious Black Friday apps and websites will be looking to steal personal data and credit card information this year in the United States and United Kingdom, according to a new report from cybersecurity company RiskIQ.

Cybercriminals create fake mobile apps and landing pages with realistic branding, especially around major holidays and events like Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday."


If you are low in budget - then Black Friday is for you.

Honestly, we do not come across of great deals very often. So this is why Black Friday is a great opportunity to get something new for yourself or a friend at a smaller price! So who is ready for shopping?

Would you like to know my list?

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