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What happens after 90 days of Blogging Every day! - Join my journey

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome on Board!

Its the first post of my "90 DAYS OF CHALLENGE" of posting one blog post every day for 90 days.

If you are asking me why 90 days, then I do not have a fantastic answer for it, I guess the best answer is that I do not believe in any specific time challenges, my mindset is more about lifestyle tasks. Because I think that if you wish to do something, then there is no CHALLENGE, there is a LIFESTYLE and doing something for 30 days is not going to change much.

But then again, why 90 days? When I do not believe in any challenge.

First of all, scientists have said that it takes about 66 days for a habit to form. Although it comes with the disclosure that as we all are different, it can be anywhere in between 18 to 254 days.

Well, we are going to try this one with 90 days.

Also, since I am a person of REAL INFORMATION, I hope to have real stats, stories, the experience of what is going to happen over these 90 days. So this is the reason for setting the goal, 90 days.

Also, I believe that this time will give me an overview of the ups/downs of writing every day. I hope that it will make me a better writer, and also I hope that I can help/advise others when they start their blogging/vlogging or podcasting journey.

Another thing which I hope is that I can build new networks and make new connections. So if you wish to join this journey, let's get connected.

What to expect?

As it is my first time being part of any challenge as such, it is hard to say what to expect..

As I am a marketer and photographer, my daily life includes writing, creativity, and reading. I am very passionate about my work, sometimes maybe even too much. ( although I try to convince myself that I am not)

As a marketer myself, I daily recommend my clients what they should do and how they can reach out to more audience, I believe that this challenge will help to have more fact-based Information, feedback, and stats.

Yes, let me put it out there that it is a little unfair towards the new ones who are just starting since I have quite a decent following over the social media platforms. But then again, seeing how well my audience connects with me when I share my thoughts, tips, and more...

Next is to get the proof and reality of all these articles: « I blogged 30 days and here what happened » or « things you learn from blogging, writing and more »

I do not say I am going to be an expert within 90 days, but I will have a personal point of view and will know my truth, as we know everything you read on the internet is not always the truth. I can say that I am a quite skeptical person, so the best way to find out my reality is to try it on my own

The next, what I think to expect is about myself, and I know that I have quite a strong discipline, but I don't know if it will also apply for daily writing. First, because I am not a writer, I am not a native English speaker and might find it challenging to write.

Nevermind like I said this is going to be an experience which I can share with others from my point of view, not from someone's else perspective or facts which I read on the internet.

What am I going to write?

First of all, I am going to write about the process itself, of course. But not only about this. Like I previously mentioned, I am a marketer, photographer, and entrepreneur myself, which means I am going to cover these topics. Also, I am a mother of two beautiful children who are my biggest inspiration and secret behind my success.

Another reason why I decided to put myself up to it was that every single time I read Information or see someone who just opened the Instagram account and did one online course and calling themselves EXPERT. I get furious. So to fix that, I need to share my Information and insights. Honestly, nothing is going to change if we do not make a change.

But then I realized I could sit here and complain about how they are not experts, but this is not going to change. So now it is my time to share my point of view, tips, and advice.

So I will cover a lot of small business marketing, advice, My own opinion/ feedback, and who knows....? ( all your inputs are welcome).


Feedback from my followers, commenters - If you have any questions, need advice, idea, or suggestion - feel free to let me know.

What do I hope to achieve with this challenge?

I hope I will finally get the answers for myself and share it with others.

  1. What happens if you write 90 days continuously.

  2. I hope my writing and English skills will improve.

  3. That I will meet, connect with new people, build a bigger network, and share insights.

  4. That writing will become my habit.

Once again, why not? As we know, our capabilities are the most reliable asset we can have.

And learn something new about myself.

So this blog post is more like:" Hey, come on an unknown journey with me where we do not know how it will end and what will happen.

If you are asking me if I have a plan and blog post ideas ready?

Then yes and NO. I do have some subjects I feel like I need to share and talk about, and at the same time, I share stats, ups /downs, tips, and tricks.

Now you might be thinking, so what are we going to expect from your next post?

The thing is that I believe that we can connect a lot better when I share a little story of myself, where it all started, how I started my company 10 years ago, and how I ended up here today. ( in fact, I still have a long way to go, but we need to start somewhere.

Also, the whole journey is published on MEDIUM, so feel free to join me over there as well.


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