Switzerland Edition: Handmade Jewelry & Rent a dress for an event or Occasion

What a wonderful way to start your Holidays. With my very first beautiful Jewelry Set from www.bombombijoux.com ( direct link here )

Handmade Jewelry & Rent a dress in Geneva, Switzerland.

Sometimes we all need to dress up & feel happy. I might be the only one, but damn, it feels good when you dress up & go out for dinner or a party.

2020 has been quite a challenging year for many businesses, people, and overall. We might feel more lonely, lack energy, etc.

But Christmas is just around the corner, and new years are waving, so let`s hope that 2021 will be a year full of events, get together, and happiness again. It might take a little longer than we expect, but it will happen sooner/later.

First, I would like to share my very Elegant and Simple Earrings, handmade by BombomBijoux Designer.

"An elegant classic earring in popular Green Amethyst. The stones are faceted in a checker cut, 12mm heart shape.

Designed in collaboration with Ms Birgith , using recycled materials. "

Here are a couple of reasons you should be buying your Jewelry from there.

  1. It`s a local business with high-quality gems. ( by supporting small businesses, you help and motivate people to keep going with their company(a dream come true) . Be part of someone`s dream.

  2. You can deliver it to your door & no need to go shopping. As at the moment, doing Christmas Shopping outdoors is not very advisable.

  3. You can have your very own design. Just get in touch with the designer and make your imagination real.

  4. They are made from recycled materials, which is good for our eco-system.


Now let`s talk about the DRESS!

If you wonder where to get a beautiful dress for your event or occasion, then ragfair.ch is a perfect option for you.

First, you can order more than one dress and rent/pay only for the clothing you wear.

Second, the order is super simple; they deliver to your door, and when you use the same package to return.

SUPER SIMPLE! Inside of the delivery package, you have a return card, and once your special event is finished, you take the same box, put your dress inside and place the return card.

I love wearing dresses, but I do not love when I spend $$$$ on a dress. I will probably wear it only once! You should see my home, which is packed with Event dresses, just because I had to buy dresses all the time before my children.

And now if you are wondering how much the renting costs?

Well, the dress I was wearing for a Bombombijoux Launch event costs CHF 100,00 for the 1. day.

Here I also would like to mention that using my CODE: msbirgith25

will give you an exclusive discount of 25%.

So I hope that this little story helps you to find the best looking dress and jewelry.

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