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30 Instagram Posts Examples for Health Coach/Blogger.

What to post when you run out of ideas or how to get started?

Do You feel like you need to reproduce new content every day, and eventually, you run out of ideas? Or are you planning to start your Social Media Journey but don`t know where to start or HOW to start?

Here is why Social Media Content calendar is super helpful to keep track of your posts and ideas and plan your posts ahead.

In this article, you will find a printable content calendar with the example of pictures that maybe inspire/guide you in a right direction. I will also explain why these types of posts work, plus a bonus, I add some useful tools + tips.

Let’s get started:

1. Post a picture of yourself & share a “ME STORY.”

Yes, sounds obvious. But I see that mistake often happens, instead of telling your own story and experience. There are plenty of posts about an upcoming course, challenge, or retreat.

Jumping right into SALES. Keep in mind, social media is social for a reason, and no one likes or engages with an unknown “SALES woman/guy.”

And if you already have some posts up there, check out the last time you shared something personal, and make sure to add at least 4x in a month about yourself.

2. Post about FOOD and Recipes.

This is one of the easiest ways to grow your Instagram page as a health blogger/coach; WHY?

People love food no matter what and especially when it looks good. I believe you have got yourself watching a video or reading about some recipe when you see something “wow on Instagram.”

As you can see, when using #healthblogger (hashtag) on IG, the most popular posts are about food. So if you are serious about growing your account: Treat your audience with drooling Food pictures.

When just STARTING, you do not know how to photograph your pictures or do not have time for it. Then here is a rapid and easy fix for you.

Well, in the beginning, using stock photos is the right way of getting started. This helps you save time while creating your own content, but you already have posts up on Instagram, and you are growing your followers.

You can use Shutterstock, which has an unlimited type of options. Or also, one of the hidden gems is CANVA. Only for S9.99 per month, you get access to a pretty excellent free picture/video library + create graphics. ( it also have a great Free option)

3. Reels is definitely one popular feature that helps you to grow your account faster than anything else in 2021

If you do not know how to make a video with your phone or camera, you can make something just very simple until you feel more “pro” on making great videos. But at the same time, when you are working out or making a smoothie, lunch, or dinner, just film the steps and put it together.

You never know how it can turn out. The good part is that you can always delete it.


It is a great way to share a personal story or graphics: Here, you can see good examples of two posts that people engage.

Sharing your knowledge and tips is one of the best ways to stand out that YOU know what you are talking about. Sharing Free information is a great way to gain trust and show your expertise.

Also, look at how they write it in a description; it is engaging, a call to action, and longer than just one line. Instagram posts that are longer tend to do better, so take your time to write.

5. Lifestyle pictures/moments

Behind every program, class, course, there is someone. This is why sharing your lifestyle pictures helps you to show and connect better with people.

For example, you are reading a book, going for a walk, or eating at your favorite restaurant (that you can tag and gain visibility like this as well).

It is simple psychology. If people see that you are reading their favorite book or doing their favorite activity, they feel “connected “ and share their own experience.

Do not just make your Instagram page “ PERFECT HEALTHY PLACE.”

Share topics that matter to you as humans and the things you like doing, visiting, reading, or watching.

A perfect way to connect with your audience is to share daily life tips/stories that RECONNECT with them.

6. FAQ

If you run out of ideas, FAQ is an excellent way to get to know what your audience wants to see more on your page, and also another great way is to host a LIVE session or IGTV where you share them.

Bonus tip: Add Subtitles to your videos. It will bring better interaction.

There is an automated subtitles option on IG itself, but also an excellent tool is VEED.IO + you can edit your videos over there.

7. Regram and REshare people /quotes/posts that inspire you.

I found this method is an underrated way of growing your audience. But it is such a good way to build a connection and chance they will be checking out your page.

If you Regram or reshare content from someone that inspires you: You can do it in the stories or your feed. Make sure you give them credit. (tag and mention)

Second, share your WHY they inspire you and story about how it resonates with you. TAG them on the picture and text itself. You never know when a celebrity or a big account may reshare it, which will boost your FOLLOWERS fast.


We all fail from time to time, or something happened to us. Somehow sharing some “Not so perfect world” pictures /stories builds great trust with your audience. They will see you as a human and trust your opinion.

It doesn’t have to be something serious, and it can be something very simple:

“I made breakfast and didn’t turn out to be the way you expected or tried something new and couldn’t do it…”

When you share stories of some struggles or things that didn’t go as planned, you gain trust that YES, sometimes we FAIL, but you need to move forward and make it happen.


Well, social media is called SOCIAL for a reason. If you are just starting and do not have client reviews or stories that you can share, find them. Reach out to people via DMs, make a great offer in exchange for a review, and track a process and result.

If you have a great program, a course that is so helpful, believe me, if you reach out to a stranger and it works on her, she will recommend it to her friends and people she knows. There is a reason it is called SOCIAL media, not PICTURE Media.


Bonus tips: “out of ideas, what to post.”

Regardless of how good our content calendar is, sometimes we run out of ideas, what to post as we feel like we keep repeating the same stories, pictures, and so on. Recently I found a useful tool that helped me to REFRESH my posts and ideas. And then I discovered LOOMLY. ,

  1. It gives you five post ideas(every day) that come with a trending hashtag

  2. it provides tips on what and how you should be posting on Social Media.

I found it brilliant, as this helps to save a lot of time to scroll on social media, calendars, finding out what is trending and trending hashtags.

USE MOCKUP PICTURES to build your Brand.

Like I previously said, if you do not have your pictures yet, it shouldn`t stop you from creating posts. A great way is to use mockup pictures to add your text, logo and use it as “your brand.”

(YOU CAN ORDER THESE PICTURES HERE: I always recommend people test their products or products they are planning to launch via social media. If the audience is interested in these types of products you plan to launch, you can make them. There is no point in making all the products ready while you have no feedback from your clients.

Yes, sometimes the IDEA you have is good, but it is just an IDEA if you have no clients or interest in products.

This is why using Mockup pictures will save you time and money. Here are some examples that how easy it is to make mockup pictures. You can find them on CANVA or SHUTTERSTOCK.

And then again, edit them on CANVA Or Photoshop.

I hope these steps made your marketing easier and inspired you to get started today.


Welcome to Ms.B Lifestyle Blog. 
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