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How to see who unfollowed me on Instagram in 2021

  • How to keep your following in order without using a third-party app.

How to know who unfollowed you on Instagram without using a third-party app?

As we all know, Instagram can block or disables accounts of those who are using a third-party app/s. Many Instagram users have got their accounts disabled for many different reasons, but one reason is using third-party apps, such as Unfollowing or Followers app.

Read about Instagram deleting accounts to be aware of the things not to do:

Third-party apps are a big NO-NO!

But how to know who unfollowed you without an app? If you are serious about growing your social media channels, I do not recommend doing this whole Follow/Unfollow method. While many “Marketing Gurus” still recommend or use this method. I would suggest you build a community and focus on the content, other than doing follow/unfollow.

Follow/unfollow method might have been an option in the beginning years of IG, but not in 2021.

Why? Instagram already has so many accounts and great content that when you just click “follow” someone, no one cares.

If you are serious about growing your account, then the number one tip is to build engagement and relationships. Make this your main priority, and then focus on making the right/unique content.

But how to get to know who Unfollowed you?

Instagram has made it relatively easy in terms of knowing who unfollowed?

Yes, it is a little bit more time-consuming than using just some application (robot), but in order to avoid getting banned or blocked by Instagram, this is a safe way to go.

Also, keep in mind that when you start Unfollowing or finding out who unfollowed you, do not cross more than 200 followers per day.

Instagram does not allow spam actions in 2021, so whatever you are doing, do it step by step.


Go to FOLLOWERS: Open the list of people you are Following: Then you get a list of people you are FOLLOWING.

When you click on a person, you are FOLLOWING and going to their profile, and you have to check their FOLLOWINGS ( people they follow)

If you do not see your name on top of the list, this means they do not follow you back.

You can see an example that if you see your name on top of the list then you follow each other and all is good.

And then you can make a decision, whether you wish to keep on following or not.

Another great feature that Instagram has is the “LEAST INTERACTED LIST.”

This is a great way to see which accounts you interact with or interacting with you. If they never returned a like, comment, save, or anything like this. Instagram already provides you with this list that helps you keep your engagement rate at its highest.

BONUS TIPS TO GROW YOUR ACCOUNT IN 2021 instead of using follow/unfollow method.

  1. Check out the most trending posts via #Hashtags, make similar posts, use trending hashtags, and grow your visibility.

Excellent “Trending hashtags” and topics tool is

2. Instagram now favors the posts that have been SHARED, so one great way is to open up Pinterest and Twitter accounts and once your post is LIVE — share them across these platforms via SHARE TO…

3. Make regular Reels — 2–3x times per week. Once again, check out which is trending on your page/niche and try to make “similar posts,” plus use the music they recommend.

4. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: the most important metric and the foundation is your CONTENT. Make sure that your posts are fantastic and engaging.

Do not blame the algorithm.

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