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Your Content Sucks - That`s it!

In 2020 people's number one obsession is the X amount of followers, while they should be obsessing about the quality of their CONTENT.

It feels like we are living in the world filled with ME; ME; ME.

But in the marketing world, it is the opposite; there is nothing to do with YOU. Until you are someone

And whatever you do in this world are you a blogger, influencer, entrepreneur, business owner, and so on, no one cares about YOU until you can SOLVE a problem for them.


I think every marketer nowadays comes across with this question daily.

And also GREETINGS to those MARKETERS who make $$$, while charging for pretty useless consultations. Or selling you fake followers and so on ... Congratulations!

I believe that if someone paid me $1 after every question as such, My bank account would show: $$$$$$$ ( maybe it is a good business idea if you ask this question pay me $1 )

People care about FOLLOWERS, but do not care about their CONTENT.

But THE BEST content always wins, and this is why I LOVE algorithm. While many of you will complain about how algorithms don't show their posts to a broader audience or are not getting on the explore page, here is the truth - Your content SUCKS.

Yes, I agree sometimes, there are some other factors involved. Like in everything in this life, BUT 99% of the time, it is just your CONTENT.

That's it!


The moment you start something, and DONT know how to do it, it is totally fine, you are going to LEARN ( and that's the fun part). Because you are ready to learn, achieve, and put the work in it to make a change. And the good news is that nowadays we have so many options to make a change, learn and do what you LIKE doing. We live in a fantastic world, where the Internet helps us to connect, share ideas, and more.

BUT for that, you need to have the following:

  1. Analytics - They are the KEY to your marketing.

  2. Do your research - competitors, similar accounts, content, marketing budgets, and so on.

  3. It's not about YOU, and it's about THEM - No one cares about your business until you are someone. Believe me; you are not that special.

  4. Work on your CONTENT - Videos, Infographics, write blog posts, share your insights, and SOLVE problems.

  5. Engage with your audience, help them see that you know what you are talking about, and how your PRODUCT, SERVICE, OFFER can change their lives or business.

  6. PUT TONS OF WORK ON YOUR CONTENT - not 1 minute.

Here I would like to help you understand what you are doing wrong with your marketing and how you can fix it. These are real questions/requests, and so on from my clients /requests, I have received.


So let's get first thing clear - Followers are real PEOPLE.

How many people do you know?

How big is your network?

Haven't done any networking in your life before?

Then your current Followers remain 0 - That's it!

Next, now look at your social media account and ask yourself:

Would I follow an account like this?

If your answer is YES - then keep on going, as you LIKE what you see, then most probably others will like it too.

If your answer is NO - then why are you posting?

Why post random pictures, videos if you KNOW you wouldn't follow it?

It's time to look in the mirror if you like and passionate about what you do - Then believe me you are not alone in this world. Your following will grow if you keep on posting, engaging, and giving VALUE.

IT WILL! But you need patience, and it will not happen TODAY!


As I said, there is this one little% that sometimes the algorithms play against you, and your posts are not going to be seen, although you made a good post.

But 99% of the time, it comes down to what is popular now, what your audience likes to see in your account whether you are a blogger, business, coach, or ...

So before you are going to post about your topic, discover the most popular posts out there and captions.

It doesn't mean that you need to copy their posts; what it means that it gives you an overview of what type of colors, stories work well at this very moment.

And this is why check out via hashtags what are trending topics in your industry - It works on all the channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and so on.

Just use hashtag #Mentalhealth #Skincare #summerdress and so on.

You have all of this material available for free.

The next amazing thing is that it WILL always show the most popular posts, and here is the post tip what is TRENDING.

The same goes for, no-one is advertising winter boots in Summer, because there is no market for that. The same goes for your social media marketing, and you post what your AUDIENCE NEEDS!


Every social media channel gives you analytics in terms of which type of posts performs the best, most engaging, and what your audience likes. Simple as this, this is what they WANT.


Might look annoying but this is the reality if you have food/business and your most popular dish is for an example: Pancakes with fresh jam. Then this means your audience wants to see more PANCAKES.

So get creative here, post about pancakes in every other possible way. And do not tell me that there is only ONE way of making pancakes.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't post your regular posts as well, but this means you need to double your posts: ONE VERY POPULAR one and another one that you like and CARE about.


You have about 3 seconds when someone is going to see your picture, video, or graphics.

So in 3 seconds, you need to make sure that it gets paid attention or gets scrolled by like any other posts and BYE!

Here are two examples of the post, and you can see a clear difference, and can you tell me which one caught your attention?

There are tons of useful videos, courses, and examples out there that can help your visuals look good. Do not waste your time doing what is not working.


I am guilty here as recent days ( months) I do not feel like posting much.

Maybe because I have helping others to get their businesses properly online

So I guess when my days start and end with social media, I am just so fed up at the end of the day that I ask myself WHY?

There is no magic number of followers coming to your account when your content sucks.

There is not going to be any business if your posts looking something like this?

No one knows about you, and you need to put the work in what you do and do this every day! Yes, it is hard to show up every day and be so UNIQUE.

But if you want your FOLLOWERS, you need to show up.

There are many other aspects, but one thing is sure in Marketing, it is not ABOUT YOU until you ARE someone.

And here is the answer for your "WHY NO ONE IS BUYING" or "I WANT X amount of followers."

I know that most probably those who are obsessed with their X amount of followers and buying fake followers will never take their time to read it.

But those who do, I hope that this helps you keep on going and achieving your goals.

Social media is WONDERFUL and can change a lot in your life if you know how to use it.

But here is the most critical part, when you do something, then do it because it matters to you!

Here are the right words from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Growing Up

"You put the work in, don't worry about the praise, my love

Don't try to change the world, find something that you love

And do it every day

Do that for the rest of your life

And eventually, the world will change"

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