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How to launch your business at very low cost in 2021

Starting your own business can first be overwhelming and expensive when you dont know how to create and where to start.

As a marketer, I see these mistakes daily when people open their business first, so here is my tip and one tool that can pretty much cover all the "needs" you need when starting a business.

YES, YOU CAN DO 90% of your business launch for only $12.95 a month or even for free. How?

2021 and you have been thinking of starting your own business. FINALLY!

In fact, there is no better time to start your business other than TODAY.

And not only because of :

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."– Chinese Proverb.

We live in a world where we can start our business just with a laptop and basically with 0 capital. ( Yes, you do still need an Internet connection and computer).

Other than this, everything is available online, and you can reach your customers, test your products, get feedback, set up your website, business logo, and more while keeping your expenses very minimum.

So if you have been wondering about starting your own business this year, then here is a TIP for you that will help you save a lot of money and time.

It's a magic tool called CANVA.COM, and if you are thinking that this is just for making social media posts or designs. Then let me guide you through.


Many new businesses spend countless hours on "thinking" or "designing." their logo and branding. Let me save you some time here.

CANVA has beautiful logo options available that you can easily customize.

Once it is on your canva account, you can use your logo on the pictures or add on the mockup products.

That brings us to the second point.


Another mistake I often see that small business make is that they order their products and designs before entering the market.

Yes, if you have enough capital to test and try. But if you are starting, the best way to market yourself is with mockup products.

For example, you start a skincare line. (let's say you have your secret ingredient) but now you are unsure of packaging, design, and color palette to choose from Light and airy or colorful or darker mood. Keep in mind that colors play a huge role in your marketing, as colors tend to bring some "feeling/mood" when we see a brand.

So you can quickly test: ( here are some examples: with your logo & text)

And this helps you to understand what your brand palette is about.

Brand color Palette & Aesthetic look

Canva is definitely your best friend when you need to find out which type of Brand color suits you the best as it recommends you which color goes well with your picture, style, etc.

Like I mentioned before, colors play an important role in sales, marketing, and getting new customers. As we know, the south audience tends to like more colorful hues and vibrant mood, while nordic people like calm and neutral tones. So before starting your business, think of your potential audience and their background.

And here is again how can help you. They have an extensive stock library to look at your pictures and build your IG and Website in similar colors.

Build your Instagram feed ahead and plan your aesthetic look.

I one point, you will hear the word: AESTHETIC Instagram Profile.

But how to make your IG look professional like some big brands do?

Use Canva Libray to use pictures for marketing your brand and upload them on your IG. Keep in mind people like to buy a story of a brand, so do not post only product pictures. Share the vibe, lifestyle, and mindset that represents your brand.

Here you can see two examples: all the pictures are from CANVA.


The best way to get your business going is to look professional.

And luckily, Canva helps you out here as well. You can make your mini magazines or flyers that can give an excellent brand overview.

I always like to say: No, you do not need to be perfect. But you need to know the best tools/people that can help you to get there.

When your brand looks professional and has excellent flyers, brand books, etc., people are more likely to take your business seriously.

I am not saying that you do not need a graphic designer or brand advisor; yes, maybe you do. But not when you are just starting.

My first logo was just "awful," to be honest, didn't make any sense, but this didn't stop people as I had a story; I had the energy and willpower to do something. I wish somehow that ten years ago there would have been to help me launch my first blog and business, so here is another reason why 2021 is the best year to launch your business.

If you need more help, advice, tips, and tools to launch your business, market your business, etc. Then follow for more updates, stories, and examples.


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