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How this simple technique will change your life, and your business.

Today I would like to share a tip, which I discovered, let’s say about two years ago, and it has tremendously changed my life.

But before I go to the tehnique, I would like to share what changed when I started using this tehnique.

I don’t know if this comes from my nature or the way I grew up. But my “BELIEVE” is that hard work is everything. And this is why I most probably chose the Entrepreneurship journey as well.

Like I said, “Hard work is everything.”

But is it?

Recently, I discovered that even though I gave 110 % of myself every day, all the weekends and more.

I still went to bed of thinking, “I need to learn this better and read about this and research more.” But as we know, there is no such thing as perfection.

There is a JOURNEY.

And there is a journey for a reason. We need to enjoy and be thankful.

I was not able to sleep/rest, as well. My creativity was going down, and overall I felt I am never going to be good enough. ( if you are reading this and have felt this way, then WELCOME to the club)

But this all changed with my tehnique, and also, of course, I got into meditation and Yoga as well. Which are other amazing techniques/ habits I highly recommend!

Although I have a 2,5-year-old son and six months old baby girl, and the last thing which should be fine now is SLEEP. The first time in my life, I am sleeping better than ever.

I fall asleep better, and getting up is as easy as its never been before. Although I must admit that I am still jealous of my husband, who falls asleep the minute he closes his eyes.

Another thing I noticed is that it has helped me to set my goals for TODAY ( this) day.

Yes, we all hear about: “Where do you want to be in 10 years.”

“What are your plans for the upcoming year” and so on.

Then, in my opinion, stressing about who you are going to be in 10 years is pointless. Instead of enjoying the process, enjoying the person you become or grow.

Ten years is coming faster than you are expecting, and if you live in a though of “who are you going to be in 10 years”, then I assume that you will be waiting for these ten years some forever.

Today I also feel that I have double the energy. And yes, as I mentioned, I have two little kids, I run a full-time business, but I have more energy. I get up 5 am, I am a full-time mom ( no childcare help), living ex-pat life, far away from the family.

Of course, there can be many other factors as well. Such as my lifestyle changes, I am practicing daily Yoga and meditation and eating healthier and different mindset.

But I believe that this small and simple technique has a significant impact on this as well.

Another thing which I noticed is that I smile more. I smile while I am working, walking on the streets, doing grocery shopping, or some other routine tasks I need to do. I smile a lot more, and I am happier.

I have a lot more patience. My star sign is Gemini and those who know Geminis. Know very well that Geminis and patience are just not two words we should use or find in the same sentence.

Geminis, do not like the routine, doing things over and over again. Plus, slow people.

But this practice and Maybe also having two little kids at all, you learn a lot about patience.

So what is this technique and why I said it is so simple?

Keywords for this tehnique are the following:

  1. Close your eyes

  2. Say thank you

  3. Today is going to be a beautiful day

  4. Thank you for this beautiful day

  5. Get up

  6. Fall asleep.

So this is how simple it is, learn to say THANK YOU. Yes, we all say thank you when we receive something, or someone has done a favor for us.

But how often do you say thank you for yourself?

How often do you appreciate that you have another day on this earth, where you can love, discover, make a change, and impact the world.

I guess this is why this tehnique is so powerful because you learn how to be thankful for yourself, for your body and mind. For the people around you, moments around you, and more.

Also, before the world is going to wake up, you have a chance to attract positive energy and appreciate the day what I believe that when you wake up with the mindset that today is going to be a beautiful day, it is going to be a one.

Our words have power. Use them wisely.

So here is my example of saying thank you.

Once I put my head on the pillow, I close my eyes and think for a moment for this day. And then I say: “Thank you for this beautiful day.”

And right before my alarm goes off, and even I feel like, I wish to sleep a little longer.

I close my eyes and say: “Today is going to be an amazing, beautiful day.”

And believe me, right after this, it is so much easier to get out of a warm, cozy bed, because the beautiful day is waiting ahead of you

Do you have a method, which seems so obvious and straightforward, But makes a difference in your everyday life?

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