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10 common things in Marketing & Fitness

In 2020 the most popular trends are: Fitness and Start your business online ( how to make money online). But I also discovered that Marketing and Fitness have a pretty similar structure…

The way it works and how you can explain Marketing for someone who has no experience in this field.

If you wish to see results, you need to get up every day & do it.

I believe that this applies pretty much the same way in marketing and also in fitness.

As we know, you will not get fit if you go to the GYM once in a blue moon or once a week. You might get one time your heart “pumping,” and the next day, you might feel soreness in your muscles. But will you lose weight, get your abs or booty… Unlikely!?

Here are 10 things which are common in marketing and fitness.

1. You need to start and do it every day!

If you wish to have abs for summer, then to have abs for summer, you need to start the workout in Autumn. (the year before)

Same in marketing, if you wish to have sales or clients, then just opening Instagram or Facebook account is not going to bring results.

You need to work on the content, email marketing, website ( SEO), meet real people, tell a story, and be active EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Clients will not fall in your lap if you are new in the business. The secret behind the long-lasting business is that you care about your audience first, and then your audience will care about you.

2. Yes, you need to follow it every day, not once a week.

Consistency is the key. We all know that!

And this is why it is hard because seeing results takes time. It takes significant time work and effort. Also, during this process, you might feel that it is all pointless that you are not good enough, and if you ever make it.

In fact, this is also a secret why some of us succeed, and some of us not. Because being consistent is hard. You need to be patient, do the hard work, research, study, and implement it.

Common mistakes here are the following: Getting all excited in the beginning, doing it for a week or two and then stop. We all know the month of January when Gyms are packed with “new me” people, and in February, maybe 5–10% of them will continue.

Or those who are inviting you to follow their Facebook page ( because they launched a new business) and after a week or two, there are no new posts, no updates… And we never hear from them again.

3. Listen to those who are Experts.

If you wish to see faster, better results, you need to work with someone who has experience in this field.

In fitness, you hire a fitness coach. In marketing, you employ a marketer or business coach.

But keep in mind there are no short cuts, there are smarter ways to work, but there are no shortcuts.

If you just drink green smoothies every day, you will not get abs. You need to go out there and do the sweat. Then the same is in marketing, you can launch your Instagram of the Facebook page, but you need to work on the content: videos, photos, stories, and ads.

If you see ads: abs with 30 days or Make 10 K in one month ( with no experience), do not fall for it. If you have no experience or never worked out, then take it easy!

You need to show up at least 365 days every day!

4. If you do not see the results, you are doing something wrong, and you need to fix it.

If you decide today that you would like to have abs, then not just working out is not going to bring it. You need to watch your eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits ( smoking, drinking, work and etc.)

Same in marketing, if no one likes or gives feedback to your content, business. Then most likely, you are doing something wrong, and there is no point in continuing like this.

Content is a big part of marketing, and luckily nowadays, we can analyze everything: what your audience likes when they like, what draws attention and etc. And when you see that it is not working, why to keep on doing the same thing?

I recently had a client who told me that her account is not growing as she would like it. I explained her 3–4 times with examples of what her audience wants, and she needs to post this type of content.

Her reply was that she has been doing it — the content was completely different from what her audience is used to.

Eventually, I realized that I can advise, share, and help, but if the person is not listening, I can’t change it, and the best is to move on.

5. You are not willing to put the time and effort into it.

So here are two things: TIME = MONEY.

When you start in the beginning, you do not have much money to invest in your business ( marketing). This means your TIME is your money. How much time do you spend on your content, reaching out to the people, writing blog posts, doing videos, and more?

It is the same in fitness if you wish to see better results, you either hire a coach( which costs money), or you learn online. Or even if you do not have money to buy the GYM membership, you start working out via following youtube videos or more.

So yes, either way, time is money! When I first started, I had literally no money to spend on marketing. ( to be honest, I didn’t even think about it. As I enjoyed my work — blogging, photography, marketing, that I literally forgot that I should be paid for it)

But today, the tables have turned, I can use my money to save my time and see results and faster. I can spend my money to use paid software which saves me the time and will bring faster and better results.

6. You compare yourself ( business) with well know names or brands.

When starting a fitness, you see some “Body “ inspiration via Instagram or celebrities, —Maybe You would like to look like The Rock ( Dwayne Johnson) or Adriana Lima…

But what you do not see that they have a team behind them who is working on their diet, work out plans, and more. They have the best access to experts and options. ( And also do not forget that sometimes all that you see is real)

Same in business, when you start your small business, blog, or… You start and believe that you should be one of the big brands with millions of followers and sales. But what you forget here is that they have HUGE marketing budgets, there is not only 1 person who works behind their marketing, they have a TEAM!

Here is just one example from Luxury brands: “Luxury brands spent $5.2 billion in advertising in the U.S. in 2017, and $2.1 billion in China.”

So yes, you need to be realistic that you do not have all these $$$, so set yourself realistic plans. But who knows maybe one day your business has such a value that you can also spend these $$$

7. You need a plan!

But dont plan too long!

Yes, if you wish to see results, you need to have a plan. How much time do you spend on specific tasks, what you need to learn, what you need to change and etc.?

There is nothing wrong with starting without a plan. I started without a plan, I had no plans for marketing and blogging one day my full time living and working. I just did it as I enjoyed it and I had fun!

But once I realized that I could actually do much more, I could earn a lot more, and I could make a change. I also realized that I need a plan. In the marketing world, all the holidays are the best times for Sales. But to make sales during the holidays, you need to plan your content ahead.

Also, journaling helps here a lot, as you write down your ideas, goals, and more. And this is why the most successful business owners, they journal, they see the BIG picture. Not how many sales they are going to make this MONTH. They measure their success with

Same in fitness, when you just work out because you love it. You keep yourself healthy and fit. But will you see your abs and other muscles is questionable? As once again, you need a plan on how to exercise when to exercise and etc.

8. You need to get going when things get hard!

Some days are harder than others. And you feel like you would like to give up, you have no more energy, you feel like you have put so much time and energy and there are no results.

Usually, right before things get hard, you will get there! You just need to do the final PUSH! And damn how good it will feel once you get it.

This is why learning how to deal with hardships, will help you understand that NOW is YOUR time.

9. You care about what other people think of your idea/body.

If you start a business, and you are afraid of what other people think about it. Then you are already going to lose this battle.

If you believe in what you are doing, you see that you can fix something, you think that this is your CALL, then you need to go for it.

( of course, listening to what other experts are saying is helpful, but looking people who have no dreams or goals, is just going to make you like them)

Same in fitness. If you are overweight or you never really worked out, but now you would like to change yourself. Change yourself how you look, improve your lifestyle, then what others think about your weight, hight or previous sports performances, have nothing to do with you. Don’t let their insecurities be on your way.

10. You choose the “ Do this for 30days, and you will be …..”

No, there are no 30 days challenges, nor in fitness or marketing. If you wish to see long term results, you need to show up every day, learn, evolve, and make a difference. It needs to be part of your life.

If you wish to see results, you start today and follow the steps, show up every day.

Like this, your business ( marketing) grows, and also you will maintain your fit body.

But I believe it is with everything in this life

  1. You need to get up and do it- Every day!

  2. Your hard work and connections matter.

  3. Believing in yourself

  4. Surround yourself with smarter people and learn from them.

  5. Learn how to listen.

  6. When things get hard, you need to keep ongoing.

  7. Do not compare yourself with someone else.

  8. Be ready to CHANGE

  9. Follow your plan and make it as a lifestyle

  10. If you feel that you are STUCK, you need to change and adapt.

No there are no shortcuts in Marketing or Fitness. If you wish that your business has a long term value, you need to start from the beginning and do all the steps.

Keep on going!


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