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Wedding Story – As long as you love me

Dear friends, it was year ago that my dear husband and I married. Right before Christmas - what a wonderful Christmas present for us.

Those, who have known us for a long time, know that my husband and I have been together over 5 years and happened to meet in a night club. (Yes you can find love of your life from the night club full of 18 years old teenagers)

My husband ( back then boyfriend) asked me to marry him on Valentine’s day 2015 (In fact early in the morning on 14th of February, he woke me up & ask if I wanted to marry him.). After this, it took quite some time to get all the paper work done to legalize our marriage here in Switzerland. Everyone who is going to get married to an Indian, brace yourself for the paperwork ;)

Finally, after almost 2 years, we got the news that all the papers are now correct and we can get married. In fact we had 14 days to organize our wedding if we still wanted to get married in 2016.


Why we decided to get married only two us (+ 2 very important witnesses for us)?

First, do not worry, the wedding party with all of your family will come sooner or later.

Second, we didn’t have time to organize the whole wedding within 14 days, especially since our families live abroad and also our friends are from each side of the world. Then, we decided we would get married, only two us, and it will be our day. It will be the day that would be just for us. In fact, I can say that this was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I realized that getting married to someone is about me and my partner. We are going to make the life decision where we are going to take care & love each other no matter what…


Today, I can say, when you are about to sign the documents, do it just two of you with your close witnesses. I can say that our wedding day was one of the most beautiful days ever in my life – no stress, no panic, just love and happiness. So, as we decided to get married, just two us we didn’t tell anyone about our wedding. Except our family & two witnesses, who have a very important role in our relationship.

That’s why we also didn’t have a photographer or a makeup artist. We were our own photographers. And not because I think I am the best photographer in the world to take photos of my own wedding day, no... (far from this, I know so many wonderful photographers, who are already booked for our upcoming Wedding party) It was because I felt that I did not want to worry about anybody else on my day than just focus on myself and my husband… Especially when I had 14 days to get my dress ready and get suit for my husband.


So all the photos and video you see are taken by us. It is taken through our eyes and the way we see each other…

We celebrated our wedding at the Beau Rivage Geneva, which had beautiful winter decorations, and made our wedding photos magical. We would like to thank Beau Rivage team for their warm welcome & stay over there…


For the wedding dinner, we decided to go to "Le Chat-Botté" in Geneva, which is just below Beau Rivage Hotel.

This is probably something I would have preferred to do different on that day. Not because "Le Chat-Botté is not an amazing place, definitely it is. The food is definitely worth their Micheline Stars. I never ever had better meat than I had there that night. But... as we had just gotten married and were overwhelmed about our happiness. Unfortunately, Geneva Higher Class people weren’t as happy about it and we were not wished all the best for our marriage. I understand the people who work in the service industry need to act as professional as possible, but not even showing a little happiness towards others... So I guess I should have booked something a lot simpler in another friendly restaurant in Geneva and left this opportunity for another time when I ( we) would prefer to enjoy delicious food and be serious. ;)


But, other than this, we had the best day! I didn’t freak out even once (which normally happens when I organize events and such) But I know… I owe a wedding party to all of our drear friends and families.

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And we need to start wearing rings (since we both do not have the wedding rings yet, in 14 days it was impossible to get the wedding rings we would like to wear the rest of our lives)

Thank you for your love, support!

Enjoy your Christmas and thank you for being part of our love story! ;)


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