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Where to have massage in Versoix? The best massage at Oceane Cadaux

A couple of days ago, i had a post about "How important it is to make a connection via social media channels, not to count the numbers."(thank you for the fantastic feedback and messages I got. I hope I helped many of you. If you wish to have my new blueprint about how to grow your social media in 2019/2020 hit me up, happy to share) I spoke about the importance of Instagram and my Business & why it is essential to make "human" connections other than counting your numbers?

And now you are most probably wondering what it has to with a massage.

A few weeks or maybe a month ago, I came across a beautiful Instagram account, I loved the branding and photos, also as I saw that she is in Versoix. I decided to follow. First, it didn't glance to me that she is a masseur.

So long story short, we were suddenly INSTAGRAM friends.

Daily she was posting stories and pictures. And as I am a markerter myself and also do branding for companies/entrepreneurs, I just absolutely loved how much effort she had put in her feed, in her pictures, and the salon itself. It wasn't desperately selling page, in fact i didint even understand that it is a business page! #Welldonewithbranding ( oh my I can`t stand these accounts which think that just opening an Instagram account and putting up their pictures and hoping that having just INSTAGRAM account will bring clients, business and etc . And they don't put any effort for making connections and sharing the "vibe" or more.) The next thing that is very important for me is to support local businesses. And as myself and Business are In Versoix. It has been essential for me to help the local businesses, entrepreneurs and a lot more.

So now you are most probably wondering - yes, but what about the massage?

Well, one day, I woke up, and although I do daily yoga and take time for myself with meditation, etc. I just felt that I need a moment for myself. Luckily Oceane Cadeaux has an online booking option, so I booked myself in, and 10 minutes later, I was already on the massage table. I must say, here in Switzerland i never have high expectations when it comes to massage. As I like quite a strong one and when we talk about strong one, then it means STRONG.

But as I said, I did feel exhausted, and my shoulders were so blocked. As I work every day, I have my three months old ( haven't taken a day off since Rose was born) and also my two years old is quite heavy, so working out every day.

So I needed to have a moment for myself and feel better.

Like I said before, I had no expectations whatsoever. For me, I needed to feel relaxed.

But now comes the best part- I haven't had better massage than this after BALI. She knew exactly the points I have pain and stiffness.

Honestly. If we talk about the massage which will make you feel a new person again. Then Ocean Cadeaux is the massage center you should visit. I recommend you check out her website to get the full vibe and feeling about what you can expect.

I also add here that this post is not collaboration or paid me to share my experience. The reason why I am writing about it is that first I had one of the best massages in a long time. Second, the place looks just amazing, and third I genuinely believe that Oceane Cadeaux is going to be very successful, as whoever will go and have a massage there will return.

I am going back for some Japanese massage ( as it should be the specialty over there, I will try it out)

Also, if you do not mind, check out the profile and give it support. Instagram -

As I said, it is all about building community and making the most of your social media channels - connect with like-minded people, businesses, and a lot more.

So here is a great example, that I am glad we have social media platforms where we can connect, share, and make new friends.

So once again, if you are looking for a moment for yourself and feel "new person," now in Winter, then Ocean Cadeaux is a place to look up to.

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