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5 Most significant Marketing mistakes Small Business & Entrepreneurs make in 2020

Social Media marketing
5 Biggest marketing mistakes for small business and entrepreneurs

I see these mistakes every day when I am working with my clients. So if you are one of them who wants to grow your business or become an Entrepreneur, then this is something for you.

You might be wondering why I am sharing these DO NOT MAKE mistakes tips, instead of sharing DO THIS TIPS

Because these are prevalent mistakes I see over and over again, and this might stop you from growing and reaching out to your potential audience/customers.


I see this over and over again on different Facebook groups & pages where people say, “Let’s support each other on Instagram, Youtube, Let’s like each other pages and follow each other.”

While it can be great for your personal page/profile, it is harming your business account.


Because most of the social media channels have their algorithm, and this algorithm analyses your behavior and interest. So then the algorithm itself starts showing you similar posts and, in return, will be showing your posts to the potential audience, who’s social media liking, commenting behavior is identical to your business.

But now you have joined the “Engagement/Let’s support Group,” and let’s say your business is about the Organic Beauty line. But in this engagement group who like, follow, and comment on your page are Restaurant owners, Fitness businesses, Home decor businesses, etc.

So now, the algorithm doesn’t know anymore WHAT your page is about and who is your target audience. So you end up having no reach and very little interaction.

Because if your posts are reaching someone who doesn’t care about beauty and organic living, they will ignore it. The algorithm will think that your posts are not useful, and it will stay there.

So you can have 1000 followers, but if they are not your target audience or people with similar interests, your post reach will and is limited.

It is simple — build your audience by offering value-added content, share some tips, offer some services and products, and ENGAGE!

Social media marketing is SOCIAL for a reason. It would be best if you socialize with your audience.


People/businesses get first so caught up for the X amount of followers that they think they will be successful if they have X amount of followers.

Keep in mind that nowadays, you can buy fake followers, fake engagement, and a lot more. So all the NUMBERS you may see can look like “Wow they have 20 K followers,” and I have only 200, then this brand itself might have even less than 200 followers since they paid some fake/bot service to get them, followers.

So STOP looking at the followers and work on your content.

Your followers and numbers will INCREASE if you produce high-quality content, stay unique, and ENGAGE!

Here is an example: I work with the client ( from the beginning) who now has 1500 followers. 70% of her followers are her target audience; they daily interact with her, use her services, recommend her for other people, etc. So now if you think let’s say you have approx 1000 monthly clients, you are off to a pretty good start.

But let’s say you have 30 K followers, and maybe 200 of them are interested in your Service/product — you are already having less impact and business than someone with a smaller number of followers.

But engaging with the right people and audience means business.

So it is like in real life — your network is your Net Worth.


Everyone talks about hashtags and the importance of using them on your social media marketing. But when it comes to the questions WHEN and HOW to use them, I hear silence …

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