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How to attract a target audience on Instagram?

What do you need is a plan and CONTENT CALENDAR.

It is no surprise that if you wish to succeed in ANYTHING, you need a PLAN.

The same applies to Social Media & Marketing. It would be best if you have a plan to make it work for you.

As a social media manager myself, I receive a high number of emails per day, such as:

"What I should post on my Instagram (Social Media)?

"Where do I get the inspiration."

"How do I know that my audience will like it." etc.

And since I have written this topic down by now at least over 1000x individually, I thought to make a one blog post where I break it down three essential steps. ( There are more of them of course, but let's start with the baby steps if you are new in the game)

How to get best out of social Media Marketing?
MsB Lifestyle Marketing Tips

1. Research your competitors or similar accounts

If you wish to succeed and you are new in the business. You need to have a look at what your competitors are doing.

And the good news is that as we are living in a social media and digital world, we can grab that information very quickly.


First of all, before you start your business, blog, or just an account to spread your message. I am sure you are inspired by some accounts, companies or personalities.

Then write down the top 10 favorite posts of all the time you were most engaged.

Next On Instagram, you can easily find out the Trending, hot topics via HASHTAGS AND NEWS FEED:

Now, on Instagram, you can follow the Hashtags: For example, you wish to be #WellnessCoach ( I recommend going more NICHE here), but let me show how you can find trending topics.

So you type in #Wellnesscoaching & you will see TRENDING & RECENT.

Discover the Explore page popular posts
Instagram Explore page

If you see what is under Trending, then those are "Popular posts." I recommend to choose about 10-15 of them and save them.

From now on, all you have to do is to prepare similar posts. Engage with the audience who are engaging with related topics.

Of course, the more NICHE you go, the better results you get.

As a side note: Do not use only the same hashtags over and over again. Try to go as specific as possible ( when it comes to the topic).

Make yourself a plan WHEN you are active on SOCIAL MEDIA

I know it looks like we all need to be available 24/ 7 - reply comments, like and engage.

But let me tell you, this is the worse idea ever. Here is why you need a plan, when do you post ( you can schedule your posts in advance)

When do you engage?

If you wish the best out of your posts, then the best time for engaging is about 1 hour before your posts are about to online.

So all you need to do is to start commenting, liking, and engaging with a similar topic, and when your post goes online, more people will see it, and if it is WELL WRITTEN or INFORMATIVE - you will have a chance to get on the explore page.

So how should you do it?

Plan your weekly content.

Plan your hashtags and engage with these hashtags. Once again, do not use the SAME hashtags. Use as target-based hashtags as you can.

Then before your posts is about to go ONLINE, engage with your audience. Comment, like, leave comments which are genuine and where you can share your knowledge as more.

Once your post is online, thank you for your followers and make sure you will share your posts on your Instastory.

BONUS TIP: If you engage with "Verified " accounts and leave impactful comments, the chances that your posts will be seen and reached to the more people are WAY HIGHER.

So make a list of verified accounts who are on your niche as well.


One of the biggest reasons your marketing is failing is because you do not have the CONTENT plan nor the CONTENT calendar.

While in the beginning, we start our marketing/social media journey and we feel energized and inspired. But once we see the stats and feel like no one really "Cares" about your message, you start posting less frequently.

It is one of the biggest reasons people do not succeed in social media. They stop posting or sharing when they feel that no one cares.

Well but I have excellent news I share some essential tips you need:

First, you need to show up every day continuously for 90 days ( did you know that most people quit before 90 days since they are impatient to see/wait for the results)

You need to make a plan when do you post, what do you post & start creating content for that.

Here you can find a great spreadsheet you can use for your content plan.


Instagram content calendar for Wellness Coach


( also use the tips I shared in the beginning)

I share two different spreadsheets for Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur.

The reason I am sharing two different ones is that to show that regardless of what kind of business or message you wish to deliver, there is always a "Similar pattern."

What to post on Instagram as an entrepreneur?
Instagram content calendar for Entrepreneurs

Let me know your social media channels if you have some questions or you wish to get in touch and receive more information.



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