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Getting married in Switzerland – Good ideas to your Wedding Photoshoot!

Hey! You’re most probably reading this blog post as you are about to get married… Congratulations!

And if not, then maybe one day.

Today, I would like to share some tips you should know about getting married in Switzerland.

First, whether you are having a private wedding (just 2 of you), a small or big wedding; the most important of this day is to enjoy it. It might sound a little cliché and difficult task to do, but as it most probably will be one of your most beautiful days, try to find a way to enjoy it.

When you are enjoying the day, you will also get good memories and pictures. As a Wedding Photographer, I would recommend here a few options.

If you would like to have a couple photoshoot with a story, then either do that before you get married (that is, few hours before, of course, when you are having a traditional wedding and do not want to see each other before getting married, then this is not an option for you,then skip this tip and Move forward to the next one). But having a photoshoot before all your guest come is a good way to have your time and moment. Believe me, during the wedding reception, you will be so busy with guests, games, and dinner. You will hardly find a way of having pictures together in private.

The second option is to hire a photographer for a full day which means that you will have a photographer following you the whole day since you are starting to get ready until the last dance. This is another wonderful way to capture the day when you are getting ready for your wedding. But here again, you need to think – WHEN are you going to do the beautiful photos together? Before the ceremony, after the ceremony or during the reception?

If you are planning to do the couple photoshoot during the reception time, then please make sure that you will add this in your wedding plan (that all your guests will be aware that you will be missing the next 1 hour or so). If you happen to have a wedding planner then try to ask her to find some play or activity for them to keep them busy and entertained.

If you are planning to do is straight after the ceremony. For example, if you are getting married in the Church or your dream place in a different location from your reception. Then make sure that you will let your guest to know before where to go, what to do and etc.

In Switzerland, for a legal marriage, you normally get married at the commune and later you can have a reception in another place to continue your wedding. But you can also get married just 2 of you at the Marie De commune and have your big wedding day another day or date – for example, in some castle, somewhere up in the mountains or …

And the third option is to do the couple photoshoot another time and place. For example, you are getting married in the city at the Marie de Commune and it is not really your style of place of having photos, let`s say you are a couple who loves hiking or being outdoors and would love to have the mountain or outdoor photoshoot. Then another great option is to have a wedding day and guest photoshoot and hire a photographer for a half a day and then request a special photoshoot – just two of you in your own element on the day and place you want to.

Your wedding day is special. Do not think that photos are not important or the photographer is too expensive. Honestly, spending less on food and drinks is better than having bad photos. As most of the people will not remember the food or drinks anyways, as they are there for you. But pictures are forever for you…

Share your wedding experience and which choice would you recommend?

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