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The Indian Wedding and Things you should know as a photographer

Like I have said it before, the details matter. And now when it comes down to an Indian wedding. It, it matters a lot.Indian Traditional weddings are full of details, traditions, and colors. Which means as a photographer, you need to pay attention to those little things they do a the in wedding ceremony.

First off, some of the weddings can be up to one week. But of course, it is unlikely that the wedding photographer will be there all the days, so let`s talk about more things to do know on the wedding that day and what is important.

First I recommend to having a picture/s of their Henna.

First of all, it takes almost a day to get it done and second of all, it is beautiful for an Indian bride and groom (mainly the bride). So having detailed photos about it can make it a great collection of photos.

Indian weddings are colourful, so make sure that you get the best colours and moments.

If we compare European weddings to Indian weddings, then sometimes it is like day and night. While European weddings are more with soft colours or 1-2 colour themes then Indian Wedding is the complete opposite. But both of them are beautiful in their own way. So in Indian wedding, you will see all the bright colours such as Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and etc. Please be aware that even if you are a photographer, it is not polite to wear black colours at the wedding. Also pretty often the bride is getting married in a colorful saree (that`s how you call the dress). So it is a fantastic opportunity to get all these colours and moments.

Indian weddings have a particular ceremony

First, I can`t tell you exactly how it is going to be. As India is a big country with one of the largest population, you need to know that in each family or household, the traditions may vary. So for that reason, I recommend to meet the couple before and ask about their wedding ceremony or traditions.

Here are the things which might be part of the Indian wedding ceremony:

  1. The Holy Fire Ritual - the couple typically steps around the fire seven times, symbolizing seven sacred vows given to each other.

  2. They do not just exchange the rings, there are a lot more elements - the bride usually gets a line of red powder applied on the part ofher hair, along with a black and gold necklace called the mangal sutra. These two items symbolize a couple's devotion to one another.

  3. Tying of the Knot – Granthi Bandhanam. It is common to associate the phrase “tie the knot” with wedding ceremonies, and marriages in general. During this particular ceremony, the couple is tied together before embarking on the signature Saptapadi ceremony (also known as the seven steps)

  4. The wedding ceremony last about 2-3 hours, and will include lots of prayers and traditions, so in order to make the best of it, make sure you get yourself informed.

  5. And they dance and have fun, so try to get those moments on the pictures to share great memories of the day.

What kind of wedding have you attended and surprised about it?

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