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#Jordwatch - WEAR TIME WELL

Autumn has arrived and I just received a perfect wooden watch from Jordwatches

Or actually I recievd it before the autumn arrived and had plenty of time to see if I will actually switch my watch for this one. Those who know me well, they know that I do have only one watch and never bothered to buy another or even collaborate with other brands. And the reason here is quite simple, for me it takes forever to get used to with something new... ( Note here, I am slow Estonian)

So, after a couple of weeks I must say I fell in love with this watch of mine and if you notice my other pictures/videos you see me wearing it.. So Jordwatch is definitely now part of my wardrobe and next to my other watch.

Want to have one for yourself or give as a gift ?

Enter the Giveaway Here

Please note that the The contest will close October 21st at 11:59pm

our system will randomly select a winner and email them immediately with their winning code and all other entrants will be emailed their consolation 10% off code then as well

Just enter the contest now

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Follow #Jordwatches on Instagram : JORDWATCHES

With Love,


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