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Challenges are opportunities for growth & How everything will change based on your mindset.

One thing I can tell you for sure is that when life challenges you, it all depends on how you react to it. How do I know about it?

The chances of me living today in Switzerland, having my dream life and job were close to 0 if we look at the statistics.

I was born in Estonia 1990; back then, it wasn’t even a country yet. We were still under the Soviet regime, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. One year after I was born, Estonia called out their Independency.

So back then, there was nothing, except HOPE! 

The start was quite hard, and there was nothing in the shops, people got just vouchers to buy some daily essentials. But all we had was just hope and today almost 30 years later the country is one of the top leaders in Technology and Digital country.  In case you have heard of Skype, Transerwise, E — residency, and more.

As we had nothing, we took the challenge and found a way to make it work.

Honestly, there was no chance for me that one day I will live in Switzerland, running my own company in a country where I need to speak a foreign language and adapt to the cultural difference. As I mentioned, I am coming from a digital country and Switzerland loves Paperwork. It is not a bad thing, it is just a cultural difference. 

In Estonia, it takes about 2 minutes to do the taxes; here in Switzerland, I still do not know how to do it.

Right before my 5th birthday, my father had a car accident, and he passed away.

My mom, who just 26 years old back then, had to raise me alone.

So now if we put all the things together: 

1) I was born in a country that didn’t exist yet.  2) My mom had to raise me alone, plus work, manage the home and more 3) I had to learn and go to school by myself.  4) There was no mother /daughter relationship, and it was more like I support you and another way around  5) While I was very bright and A student in primary and middle school. Then somehow, I didn’t perform well anymore in High School.  6) I graduated and had no interest to go to University and learn something I am not into it.  7) I arrived in Switzerland as an Au Pair with my very broken English.

So how on earth today, I run a successful business with more than 800 clients worldwide. Am I married to the best husband and I am the mother of two beautiful children?'

I believe that whatever happens in your life happens for a reason.  And the way you react to it is up to you.

Seeing my mother raising me alone taught me a lot about how in life, everything is in your hands. It gave me a strong work ethic. I had to work quite early on and follow up with all my tasks. There was no such thing as TOMORROW.

Since I knew there is no one I can rely on. If I do not do my homework, my mom will not do it for me. If I do not read the book, I will not learn and know HOW or learn a new skill.

When in High School, my English teacher told me that I shouldn’t take an English Exam, as I do not know how to speak English and I will bring my school`s exam rate down. ( And it’s funny when we think that a teacher whose responsibility is to teach tells you that you are not good enough.) 

And the truth is it wasn't that I didn't want to learn, it was because I didn't know what i was doing wrong. 

Nevermind, today my home language is English. And not because I am now perfect in that it is more because I am married to my husband, who doesn't speak Estonian.

But on top of English and I also speak French. Yes, not perfect, but at the same time, good enough that I can run my business in English, share my vision, and help others to grow and reach out to their clients.

I grew up in a tiny village with 1000 inhabitants, and my “circle” of friends were just local people. I didn’t know anyone who has an impressive career or works in a high position or can be a TRUE Inspiration. 

But I had dreams, I had goals, and I knew that if I wish to have them, I need to go out there and work hard.

I remember myself when I was 16 years old, and I discovered Paulo Coelho the first time, and a book called “The Alchemist.” And I remember it so clearly when I said, one day when I meet him, I will tell him that he changed my life. He gave me hope.

But what were my chances of meeting him, living in a small country, speaking broken English and no contacts?

Well guess what it took me seven years and I met him. And not only that, I met him somewhere from far away. Turned out that the family I worked for, were friends with him.  So yes, my very unreal dream came true.

Or how one day I was invited to FIA to talk about drinking and driving and how dangerous it is. 

 I lost my father for this reason. But now I had a chance to share this story with others and tell them that it is NOT ABOUT YOU when you decide to drink and drive. That yes, you can get lucky and arrive home safe and sound. But you may not come back at home, and another little girl or boy will grow up without father /mother or even worse.

And this is a straightforward example that whatever you are going through, whatever happens, you need to have a strength to change it and be positive. Do not focus on the things you do not have; focus on the things you have and things you can change.

And if you have two hands, two legs, excellent health, and a healthy mindset — YOU WILL MAKE IT!

This story is part of my 90 days blogging challenge, feel free to turn in. 


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