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When the “Expert” says IT IS EASY — Don`t fall for it.

Who do you call or think is an Expert?

  1. Someone who has a degree in some particular field?

  2. Someone who is passionate about something and has been working on it a specific time?

  3. Someone who just took the online course?

  4. Someone who has a louder mouth and knows how to sell better? (well, it is definitely a skill when you know how to put yourself out there)

I am across another day with the ad of “Become Wellness Expert within six months” ( maybe it was even weeks)

And daily, I see those “Social Media Experts” who have a degree in marketing or branding but never actually really worked as one but now(especially during these difficult times) TEACHING others how to do online business. While it is great that the person has a degree or taking an online course, then nowadays marketing is more than one piece of paper.

While there is nothing wrong about it, if a person knows how to sell themselves, then like I said, it’s a skill itself.

But this whole EXPERT thing made me wonder…

I believe that people’s skills speak to themselves, and if they are good at something, then yes, they can call themselves Experts.

As an example, if someone is excellent at cleaning and organizing. 

Knows how to clean well, fast, and is well organized that it looks so EASY. This person is an Expert because not everyone knows how to do it.

I had three different cleaners, believe me, most of the people who think that they know about how to clean, don`t know! As it is not as simple as it looks. 

Not that only she cleans well, she is organized, she knows how to organize the house, how to do things fast and at the same time that it looks spot on clean.

Just as a side note, when we had replacements, the other ladies couldn’t even do 30% what she did at the same time.

As my cleaning lady is so good at what she does, she could be the one who passes her skills, tasks over to the next ones that they could do the same way. But then again, her experience is not one year or one-time cleaning; her resume was excellent from 5-star hotels to private households.

It was the simplest example of cleaning seems easy! But doing it EXCELLENT — Requires Skills, knowledge, and experience. 

And I see these kinds of patterns in every field: 

All of a sudden, everyone is calling themselves EXPERTS, but when you try to find previous work or information about their work or tasks they have done, you can hardly find it.

The first red flag, when the EXPERT “SAYS IT IS EASY.”

Of course, I can’t speak about all the real experts out there, but from my own experience, things which are easy today and I can do it fast. Are there because I learned and practice every single day.

And although today I can do it 10x faster than years ago, I wouldn’t call it easy.

Like there is no overnight success or millions on your account ( unless you win euro million), there is no skill or expert level advice you can learn with one week or six months.

Yes, you can take a course ( online courses are top-rated and helpful). But do not take a course which promises you that you will be an “EXPERT within six months from another Expert.”

Pretty often they sell you air because they have learned from the Internet how to put the course together, and selling it to you.

Once again, there is nothing wrong about doing it so. Like I said, if a person knows how to sell and find your market, then the person has a skill. But does this person offers VALUE? 

But pretty often these courses or programs are missing the beginning part since they dont know the Journey. They dont know that beginner feeling, when you start and what questions, problems, and more will arrive during the process.


Who is an Expert? I let everyone answer to that question 

When doing some research that calls themselves an expert and who is known in the industry, I started to notice some interesting things.

There are different types of “Experts.”

There are Experts out there who do heavy marketing for their courses, classes, and service, but when you try to look up their work.

You come across almost nothing & 90% of their services promise you to become “RICH” or “Famous” tomorrow and HOW EASY everything is.

Then there are the next groups who have “Expert” in their Linkedin or email list, but they hardly advertise or share about their work.

But then when you google their name , search them online channels, you find plenty of information.

Then there is the 3rd part of Experts who don’t have any “SUPER HYPER WORDS: Such as Expert, GRADUATED HERE AND THERE, etc. Instead, they are saying that they are passionate about ………………. ( their field), what they like daily doing and a little bit about personality.

And they are all over the Internet, with a large following. Their following subscribes and channels are their primary income, and they provide value for the audience. ( pretty often for free of cost)


EVERYONE! But for you who is going to use the EXPERT service, before applying, buying their service, do a little bit of background work.

Also, no, you are not going to be Wellness Expert within six months or 30 days.

If you wish to start a new career, learn a new skill, then the best advice I can give is, learn, practice, learn, practice, offer your service for FREE to work yourself up!

This is how you will build long-lasting relationships & business, which will be successful.

Plus, BONUS tip: Learn from the best!

Let me know what means “EXPERT” for you?


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