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How to benefit from the Lockdown?

First, stop reading and spreading negative news.

Yes, times are difficult and very different than they were a couple of weeks ago. But reading negative news and spreading it, is not going to help here.

Yes, many people have lost their jobs; the economy is not doing as well. But it is also a time of opportunities, time for a change, time for a better and smarter future. So if you wish to make a change & benefit from this lockdown, focus on HOW YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE & MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER PLACE.

As in any given time, there is always good and bad.

Did you know that On June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was released a year before the 2008 economic crises? But the iPhone changed the way we operate in this world today.

Or Disney was launched in 1929, the year when the Great Depression was getting started. The times were challenging back then.

An here is the thing, you will rise if you are not afraid of words such as painful, impossible, challenging, and you are ready to change the world.

Can you imagine if life could go on always the same way, then I believe that until today we would be in the jungle somewhere and living in the caves? But thanks to those people who are not afraid of challenges and see opportunities, our life has evolved and changed.

I also believe that we are now entering into a new world. A lot more mindful world, like this situation where we are at the moment, will teach us to consume less, to take care of our planet and animals, to take care of each other and VALUE!


Change your habits from reading negative news to positive news.

You know they say, "your mind is what you feed it."

When you wake up every day with the news and stories: such as how impossible everything is, how hard it is to find a job, or how hard this is and that. You start believing it, without even trying.

Also, you shouldn't be afraid of the word HARD. Because if you are ready to face challenges, you are prepared to make a difference.

So read inspirational stories, listen on youtube or podcast, which makes you feel energized, make you believe that YOU CAN DO IT!


"Your network is your net worth."

We live in this fantastic world, where we do not need to go out there to meet. You can quickly get in touch or reach out to people who have the same mindset. This is why I Love Social media, and I believe that if you use it, WELL, there are so many beneficial things.

And today, I spoke to a girl who said that she met her boyfriend on Instagram. And now she is living in a foreign country and loves it.

So yes, you can find love not only on Tinder but also on other channels.

Also, what is another fantastic thing and what works very well for me that sometimes when I feel like I do not have enough motivation. I turn on youtube and listen/watch Impact Theory or something similar & my motivation is HIGH UP. I feel like that WOW, I am not the only one who thinks like this, there are other people out there who have a similar mindset.

Then they inspire me, and they inspire me to be better, do better, and make me feel that I KNOW THEM. Although I do not know them, I can reach out to them if I wish to!


This might seems the most obvious, but the way you talk has a HUGE impact on your future.

Believe me, if you are using words: "I can't do this" or "I dont know how to do this" or "My life is not good" or "I dont want to do it. "

Then this is how your life is going to be! (no kidding here)

Your words have power & your mind works with this power.

If you just lost the job, or dont know what you do with your life.

Then instead of saying: I DONT KNOW.

Say to yourself: Yes, I know, I will take a course, search up on youtube and start practicing.

There is just so much information out there on the Internet at the moment.

Sometimes you need to switch to survive, and this is good. This is good for your brain. At the moment there are so many HOT JOB OFFERS that people are willing to pay good money for it, so train your skills.

Start learning something new, challenge yourself, learn a new skill and be ready for the FUTURE!


Do not wait that life will carry on the same way as it used to be.

The best way you can have a fantastic future is to adapt.

Learn new skill which is in high demand at the moment:

Such as Social Media Manager, Video editor, learn photography skills that you can offer product photography for new upcoming online stores.

Anything where you can learn about coding or robotics, LEARN IT! This is the future and HIGH DEMAND.

If you have some skill, then start putting it out there. SKILLSET is what matters nowadays.

In this lockdown now, you can benefit from the free time you have, change yourself, and the future and be ready to be the BEST!

If you wish to join my "HOW TO BECOME HIGH PAID & QUALITY SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER," then please sign up for my email list. My email list will get a special offer.

( as a side note this course will not only be for social media managers, it is also for those who have a small business and wish to grow their business via social media)


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