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Taking your Business online - Do not start with the WEBSITE. 

Today when almost the whole world is in lockdown due to the COVID 19. It seems like the only way to keep your business going, and the only way to survive is to join the Online Marketing/sales world.

If you are new in all of that Internet marketing world, you can find yourself in a place where you feel overwhelmed: all kinds of different platforms, different website platforms, different types of apps, email marketing, and more.

Before we are going to get started, I want to say that the best you can do for yourself and business is to Slow Down & do things the right way!

It is definitely not your first article you are reading about how to bring Business online and make sales. You already read about how you need to set up your online store, Facebook business page, then use ads, be on Instagram, and share gorgeous photos with hashtags, engage with the audience, and more, more, more more , more! And it feels like it never ends... Then out of somewhere comes Pinterest, Linkedin, twitter, tik tok, and so on.


I believe you do.

And even if you have been online and doing a little bit before all the lockdown crises, but your primary business model has been offline. Then here is something I recommend you to keep in mind.

Before setting up your ONLINE STORE & WEBSITE — DO THIS INSTEAD.

Have you heard of FACEBOOK GROUPS?

If you have a Facebook profile, you might or might not be part of the Facebook groups. Some local groups or some other groups — such as mom groups, travel groups or …

If you are not, then now do your research and hop into that! This is going to be your first business saver or way of starting a business. ( Learn your market first before you get out there)

Facebook groups and not only great for today`s situation. , They are very good at connecting with other like-minded people, make some new connections, or discover something new.

Why Facebook Groups?

It is a great way to see what your audience needs or is after at the moment.

Let`s say you have a small bakery business based in your local town. So join your local town groups and ask people if they are interested maybe birthday cake delivery or Sunday bakery delivery to home.

Once you get the feedback, you will already know if you have a market out there or not and if it is worth to open the website or start with the deliveries. In case there is high demand.

It will help you to keep your Business alive with orders, deliveries and more.

And the same thing applies to businesses when it comes to wellness: Massage centers, manicure, and more.

You can post that you have some fantastic products, creams, and more for sale which you can offer. Be creative!


The worse thing you can do is that you open up your social media channels, and then you upload one picture, and this is it.

If you haven`t been active on social media previously, then at the moment, it is definitely not the best time to start your growth and following as the whole world is in lockdown as the competition is higher than ever.

The best is to focus on your content. Check out your mobile phone and see all types of pictures of your business, products, and more you have taken and thinking of posting it (ONE DAY). Well now it is this ONE DAY! get it out there.

Make a folder at least 30 different pictures/videos. The good news is that you can schedule them all weekly/monthly. This will ensure that you have daily updates going out, and you can focus on reaching out to your potential audience. Keep in mind the engagement is a key here! ENGAGE


As I said, the website/online store should be the last thing on your list at the moment.

You need to make sure that your business will have customers, orders, and demand. Plus, you need to make sure that you know how to deal with online orders and online payments. This is why having a website/ online store properly set up is important.

The worse thing you can do to yourself at the moment is to invest all the time and effort into building a website, and then it is not functioning well.

But which website to choose?

This is another thing you come across.

If you do not know much about online store/orders and payment options, then I believe that Shopify or WIX are your best options.

If you wish to work on more on your content ( blog, videos, and more), then Squarespace is worth looking up to.

But if you are new in this, I highly recommend to either take a course or look up some videos online or hire someone who can help you with your website and online store.

And once you have these first steps covered, you are off to a good start.

Let me know which kind of business do you have or you wish to start?

This post is part of my 90 days Blogging challenge — if you wish to know more, let`s get connected.



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